17 March 2008

French Toast

Use your favorite bread. If I don't actually make bread for french toast I buy the Red White and Blueberry bread from Great Harvest and use that for the french toast. Just use a good bread that won't get too soggy and fall apart.

I don't have exact measurements as it always varies depending on the number of people you are serving but I think the most important part of making french toast is to whisk your eggs BEFORE you add any other ingredients. This makes it so you don't have that lumpy eggy membrane on the french toast. It's just easier to dip and fry.
So lets say I'm using about 5 eggs, I'll whisk them really well first in a bowl large enough to dip the bread, so that they are smooth and THEN I add milk until it looks like about 1 part egg to 2 parts milk.
Then I add a little sugar, maybe a spoonful, some vanilla (1/2 tsp?), and cinnamon. Add more cinnamon during cooking as necessary. Mix everything together well.
Prepare pans by heating to medium heat. Spray lightly with something like Pam. Or if you prefer, use butter or even bacon grease. I prefer spray oil because it doesn't burn as fast and doesn't make the bread soggy.
Quickly dip the bread into the egg/milk mixture on both sides. I call it a dip-n-flip. If you do it really fast you will get PERFECT un-soggy toast everytime. (If you are using drier bread it is okay to dip a little longer.)
Obviously just cook it the way you like. Golden, light, dark, etc...Serve with real butter and any flavor syrup. Or you can use the following OH SO YUMMY recipe in place of the syrup.

-Mash one banana and mix in a spoonful or so of Tang. (Thanks Jari)! Try it, you'll like it! ;D

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