23 January 2012

Fried Shredded Wheat

This isn't really a recipe, but more of a how-to for something not many people have probably heard of. This was one of our family favorites growing up and I love that my kids request it, too.

Basically all you need is Shredded Wheat, butter (REAL butter, of course), milk and syrup. If you're on a diet, look away now.

Warm a pan on medium heat. Melt some butter. I don't know how much but don't be stingy.

Dip Shredded Wheat in a bowl of milk, fully submerging it, flip it if necessary and let the milk drain out. Don't "soak" it or it won't get crisp, but you do want all the cereal inside to be moistened. Place it into the hot pan of butter. Fry for a few minutes, until crispy and flip, BUT as you're flipping it over, ADD MORE BUTTER to the pan. Yummyyyyyyyy. Cook until crispy and then serve with...

...wait for it...

...MORE BUTTER. And some syrup.

Then come back here and THANK ME for the easiest, yummiest warm "cereal" you've ever had!